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My-Poetry / Writings · 2 May 2017

My Poetry. The great outdoors.

White flowers 
growing wild 
loving the weather 
Especially mild. 
Mums with buggies 
in the park 
babies with bottles 
Hitting the mark. 
Dogs of all sizes
chasing a ball
some are tiny
Others are tall.
Green keeper busy
doing his rounds
fish-ponds cloudy
 Out of bounds.
 Blissful place
 park benches full
 a maintenance man
 Using his tool.
 Picnics laid
 time to eat
 get some rest
 Put up your feet.
 It's time to go
 the kids are sad
 toddlers sleepy
 Carried by dad.
 A day in the park
 is what you need
 so visit one soon
 Its priceless indeed.
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