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My-Poetry / Writings · 3 May 2017

My Poetry. Just one Mistake!

He tried very hard to fit in
 but no one gave him a chance
 a new guy in the neighbourhood
 A new life, he hoped to enhance.
 No one ever forgives you
 No matter what anyone will say.
 Forgetting the bad times he had
 reliving that horrible day.
 All he wanted was peace
 An end to the strife.
 Attending many schools
 never really had a life.
 His time was made hellish
 Nearly every day.
 A fight that ended in death
 so the defence would say.
 But no one would ever forget
 It never made any sense.
 Another kid pulled a knife
 he said it was self defence.
 Having to defend himself
 or he would have probably died.
 Reputation followed him
 no matter how much he lied.
 Always leading to challenges
 With no peaceful intent.
 Someone bigger and stronger
 came into his life with intent.
 but always he would avoid them
 Before the day had gone.
 Eventually, he had to pull out
 and ran away at dawn.
 despite his reputation
 He wasn't any fool.
 One mistake in your life
 is normally the rule.
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