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My-Poetry / Writings · 3 May 2017

My Poetry. The darker side of Life.

Do you have any idea 
What it's like to be depressed? 
Always unhappy, anxious, sad
regularly Feeling stressed. 
Every day is the same 
nothing ever bright 
your brain tired, ill and fried 
Constantly wanting to fight. 
Hoping you never
awake the next day
caring less what people think
Or what they may say.
Visiting doctors
to be fed with pills
watching all around you
Attending with ills.
Nothing means anything
no interest in life
wondering what it's like
To be cut with a knife.
Planning your demise
each new day
dreaming of wars
And skies of Gray.
Waiting for the time
when you can finally rest
your mind will stop working
Failing the test.
People all around you
staring at your shell
personal hygiene is forgotten
Beginning to smell.
Don't care what you look like
shabby and forlorn
wearing old clothes
Tattered and torn.
Days and nights the same
cannot concentrate
tears flowing wildly
Humanly a state.
Who cares for you?
More people than you know
there is help out there
To make you grow.
Don't suffer in silence
as millions do
there are ways to the light
To take you from the blues.

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