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My-Poetry / Writings · 22 April 2018

My Poetry. Demons in my mind!

Living in fear 
So what's new today 
at war with emotions
 For me, it will stay.
Darkened hours all day never any light
battle the demons
Lose the fight.
Who are these people
free in my head giving me terror
Wishing me dead?
Medication stems it
but only for a while
the language atrocious
Deadly and vile.
Do it he says
a hundred times a day
never giving me peace
It is all he can say.
What is with this torment
give me a break
this is for real
no, it's not fake.
Never the sunshine
like a moth to light
they want to overcome me
Constantly fight.
The only peace you will get
is when it finally ends
then the torment finally over
at least it all depends.
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