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Blog/website Promotions / Writings · 3 April 2020

Blog/Web Promotions.(Regina Castejón)

Regina Castejón

Hi friends.

When I switched over to WordPress from Blogger I had no idea the number of great blogs that were out there, so with a lot of searching I managed to find many and now I am friends with most of them.

Today I would like to promote the lovely Regina Castejón, Regina has a couple of websites but this particular one is fab because she shares her work in Poetry.

Here is a sample of her work.

I see behind the window
 The tears no longer matter I know
 that the sun illuminates,
 More I'm cold ... 
 Like  an ice floe

 I can understand
 Time has accompanied me;
 The reasons today are superfluous,
 They seem like hollow words ... Nonsense
 have to be

 Love ...
 plays everything or perhaps nothing.
 Today I just want
 you to hold me, to
 blur my soul.

 But I'm cold ... 
 Like  an ice floe.
 I remember when you said:
 "Our love is invincible"
 and I can't stop thinking ... 

Please visit Reginas Blog here and give her some support.

Reginas Blog.

Facebook welcome.
Thank you for Sharing me.

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