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My-Poetry / Writings · 15 October 2020

My Poetry. Nancy Smith. (A ghostly tale)

Whilst walking along 
the street one night 
I came across a wondrous sight 
A lady aglow in an aura of light. 
She looked so very real 
I walked towards her shaking 
her charm was mesmerising 
Could my eyes be faking? 
Her dress was of a distant past
hair was long and dark
the street was lit from her glow
Whilst heading for the park.
She walked along a darkened path
apparel trailing on the ground
smiling beautifully as she walked
did she want to be found?.
I walked close behind her
the moonlight shone the way
I tried to stop and talk to her
still shocked with nothing to say.
Her bodice was coloured blood red
barely clad but felt no cold
wondering how she managed to walk
how will this mystery unfold.
Stunned by her beauty
I followed her for hours
glancing around now and then
she engulfed me with her powers.
Eventually she would stop and stare
at a decrepit abandoned shack
still floating as if magical
she did not leave a track.
Eyes fixed on the shack
tears ran from her eyes
she pointed to an inscription
and looked in shocked surprise.
Directed by her trance
to the notice on the door
the light was slowly fading
 it was hard to read once more
Reaching for a match
the message was unclear
the writing was of scripture
how long had this been here?
Her name was Nancy Smith
she died in a tragic way
in 1840 at this time
her life was taken away.
She died from a horrible fire
no one had tried to assist
human life was worth nothing then
death was always dismissed.
Knowing she needed someone to help
she strolled the streets at night
but until now she never got her wish
she could not reach the light.
I said a prayer for Nancy
to allow her soul to rest
then set fire to the remaining shell
I felt it was for the best.
Three nights later I returned
flowers covered the spot
Nancy at rest peacefully now.
the remains of her forgot.
Nancy's soul was rested
she eventually won her fight
to this day no girl was seen
with a glow of yellow light.
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