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Blog/website Promotions / Writings · 29 March 2022

Blog/Web.Promotions.(Simple and Gayforward)

Simple and Gayforward.

Hello friends.

Today I would like to promote the incredible Blog of Abdul Halim. and the title is Simple and Gayforward.

I think this Blog is outstanding with many variety of topics.


Not an expert on Islamic affairs just because I’m Muslim. Not an expert on gay issues just because I’m gay.

I am a Singaporean Malay guy, aged 37 (update Aug 2013: 40 now). Just an ordinary guy with his views and opinion, his rambling thoughts. A regular blue-collar worker more occupied with bread-and-butter issues. Living his life day to day, discovering and learning as he goes along.

Also: I have always loved to read, mostly novels, but it’s been a long while since I left school. Please excuse me for grammar, spelling or other mistakes.

Abdul Halim,


Patterns with Inkscape

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I love patterns. On anything: shirts, upholstery, curtains, wallpaper, gift wrap paper. I like patterns that lean towards a retro vibe. I like geometric ones especially with a dash of Art Deco. Or designs featuring nature elements like flowers and leaves. I like simple, elegant ones, I like loud ones. Even ultra minimal designs like polka dots or stripes can be pretty and interesting too, as the variations one can play with them in colour, size and background are endless.

Recently I came across some YouTube tutorials on how to create patterns on Inkscape and decided to give them a go. They seemed easy but I was fumbling and had to keep repeating the steps. However I will do more of them to better get the hang of it. I like trying different types of digital drawing to see which ‘clicks’ with me, when I have the time. Drawing patterns is definitely something I’d like to explore further as a hobby.

Please visit Abdul and show him some support.

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