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Hello friends, hope you are all good. I have been writing blogs for many years and love it, it's a pleasure to have people read my work and many people do. I welcome all of you warmly. I will also follow you if your blog is of interest. Please feel free to follow me. I also promote blogs and websites on my blog so if you want a mention please get in touch..

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Hey friends, its that time again, time to recognise a wonderful writer and Blogger, today it is “Butterfly Sand”

About Me

I have never walked the cobbled streets of Paris in the rain or sipped tea beneath the Russian sky.  I have seen Right Whales frolic in the open sea and I have watched as an Alaskan seal basked in the cold sunshine of an August afternoon.  I have been to school and I have worked for a living.  Now I am writing for me, from my heart and from my dreams.  What I do not understand I approach with words and hope understanding creeps from my fingertips.

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A sample of her work..

The sun has a sense of humour,

I really think it’s true.

Because you see I just heard,

The sun did wink at you!

The wind is softly touching,

The hairs upon your arm.

I think it’s trying to show you,

Its gentle loving charm.

The birds are singing in the sky,

A tune with love and grace.

Are they serenading you,

Here within this place?

Upon the air a perfect scent,

Is wafting by my nose.

Could I be mistaken,

I think I smell a Rose!

Nature touches all of us,

In ways we do not know.

It’s the reason we have life,

That began so long ago.

Take the gift that we call life,

And hold it to your heart.

Every day we must give thanks,

Each day a brand-new start.

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