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Scottish Mysteries. / Writings · 30 June 2022

Scottish Mysteries.(Cold)


Contains senitive information.

Emma Caldwell, May 2005. She and six other women who were sex workers on the streets of Glasgow were murdered over a decade. There was speculation the murders were the work of a serial killer. Police dismissed the claim.

Billy Sibbald, October 2002. Sibbald vanished after telling his wife he was meeting business associates. His decomposing body was found three months later in woodland near Mussleburgh.

Alex Blue, June 2002. Blue was found outside his home in Glasgow’s west end with head injuries, and died in hospital. He ran a lucrative taxi firm. He told friends he was viewing a house on the day he was attacked. It later emerged the home was never on the market.


Frank McPhee, May 2000. McPhee, a Glasgow gangland figure, died from a single shot to the head from a sniper in Maryhill. Police investigated links to Irish terrorism, drugs and dog-fighting. McPhee had twice been cleared of murder himself.

Caroline Glachan, August 1996. The 14-year-old left her home in the Vale of Leven to meet friends. Her battered body was found the next day, the victim of a seemingly motiveless attack. There had been no sexual assault.

Ann Ballantine, November 1986. The 20-year-old was found in a canal in Edinburgh, wrapped in a carpet. She had been raped and strangled by her attacker. It is believed that her murderer kept her somewhere before dumping her body.

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