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My-Poetry / Writings · 14 July 2023

My Poetry. Life.

In the tapestry of existence, we embark,
A symphony of moments, light and dark.
Life, an enigma, ever-changing tide,
A journey where we soar and sometimes hide.

From the dawning of our first breath’s embrace,
To the twilight hours, a slower pace,
Life weaves its tales upon our beating hearts,
A blend of joy and sorrow, intricate arts.

Oh, life, you dance in seasons, swift and slow,
Like whispers of the wind, you come and go.
In spring’s embrace, we blossom, bloom anew,
With hope and dreams, our spirits ever true.

Summer’s warmth cascades upon our souls,
Enveloped in the love that life unfolds.
Through golden days and starlit nights we roam,
Embracing laughter, finding our true home.

Yet autumn whispers secrets as it fades,
Reminding us of life’s ephemeral shades.
Leaves gently fall, a reminder of time’s flight,
Urging us to cherish each fleeting light.

In winter’s embrace, we find solace deep,
As snowflakes dance, a lullaby to keep.
Reflections of our past and lessons learned,
In solitude, the embers of wisdom burned.

Life’s tapestry, a canvas to behold,
Interwoven threads of stories untold.
Each soul a brushstroke in this grand design,
A masterpiece of moments, yours and mine.

So let us seize each moment, come what may,
Embrace the sunrise of each brand-new day.
For life, a precious gift, we hold so dear,
A journey of discovery, love, and fear.

In this wondrous tapestry we reside,
Embrace the journey, let our hearts decide.
For life, a poem, ever flowing, ever grand,
Let’s make each verse a masterpiece, hand in hand.

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