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My-Poetry / Writings · 15 October 2023

My Poetry- A daily Struggle.

In shadows cast by silent pain,
Where words can’t heal, where tears remain,
A battle fought within the mind,
The war on mental health we find.

The world may see a smiling face,
But inside, it’s a different place,
A storm of thoughts, a turbulent sea,
Yet, from the surface, none can see.

Anxiety, like thunder’s roar,
Invisible chains that grip, explore,
Depression, like a heavy shroud,
Infects the heart, a silent crowd.

But let us speak of strength within,
The battles fought, the wars we win,
For mental health, a vital quest,
To find our peace, our hearts at rest.

In kindness, empathy, and care,
We find the strength to do and bear,
Together, let us break the chains,
And heal the hurt, release the pains.

Reach out your hand, lend an ear,
For in our hearts, compassion’s near,
Together we can mend the soul,
And make broken spirits whole.

Let stigma fade, let judgment cease,
Embrace the suffering, bring them peace,
For mental health, a cause so grand,
A world united, hand in hand.

So, let us shine a guiding light,
Through darkest days and endless night,
With love and hope, we’ll rise above,
And show the world the power of love.

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