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My-Poetry / Writings · 6 February 2024

My Poetry. Brotherhood.

In the tapestry of life, a bond so true,
A thread of strength, woven in hues of blue.
Brotherhood, a symphony of shared delight,
Guiding stars that shimmer through the night.

Through childhood's playground, hand in hand,
Two hearts entwined, like grains of sand.
A kinship forged, a flame ablaze,
In the dance of time, a timeless maze.

In trials and triumphs, side by side,
Brotherhood's embrace, a constant guide.
Through stormy seas and sunny weather,
A bond unbroken, tethered forever.

The echoes of laughter, the whispers of trust,
In the garden of brotherhood, love is a must.
Shoulder to shoulder, facing life's quest,
Together we conquer, our hearts manifest.

Through shared dreams and secrets untold,
In the warmth of camaraderie, stories unfold.
A tapestry of memories, woven so fine,
Brotherhood's legacy, an eternal design.

In moments of darkness, a beacon so bright,
Brotherhood's lantern, dispelling the night.
United we stand, a fortress so grand,
In the kingdom of kinship, an unyielding band.

So here's to the brothers, in spirit and blood,
A melody of unity, a river in flood.
In the symphony of life, a harmonious chord,
Brotherhood's anthem, forever adored.
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