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My-Poetry / Writings · 17 February 2024

My poetry. Peace.

In realms where silence whispers sweet,
A tranquil haven, a serene retreat.
Amidst the chaos, a gentle release,
I paint the verses of a tranquil peace.

Beneath the canvas of a calming sky,
Where hues of serenity gracefully lie.
Soft whispers of the zephyrs' dance,
Caressing the soul in a tranquil trance.

Mountains stand as sentinels tall,
Guardians of peace, in their silent sprawl.
Rippling waters, a soothing stream,
Reflecting the essence of a tranquil dream.

In meadows where wildflowers bloom,
Harmony blossoms, dispelling gloom.
A symphony of nature, a tranquil song,
In which every being can truly belong.

The moonlight weaves a tranquil spell,
Casting shadows that in peace dwell.
Stars above, like candles in the night,
Illuminate paths to peace, so bright.

Let hearts embrace, forgiveness sow,
In the tranquil gardens of kindness, we grow.
Away from the tempest, towards the calm,
Where understanding is a healing balm.

Hand in hand, let unity rise,
A tapestry of peace before our eyes.
Beyond the borders, let love increase,
A world adorned in the garments of peace.

So let this poem be a humble plea,
For a world enwrapped in tranquility.
May the echoes of peace forever increase,
And humanity find in its heart, eternal peace.

This World is full of Hate, we need peace before there is nothing or no one left!
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