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My-Short-Stories / Writings · 6 March 2024

My Short Stories. A City of Love.

I was privileged to visit my home City (EDINBURGH), (SCOTLAND) for a few days to catch up with family.

Had not been home for 7 years.
I made my life in England, following my family, now this is the place I am home too. I do not, however, disregard my Birthplace as a distant memory, as I caught up on the many places I was familiar with, places I grew up in which naturally are no longer there.
The streets of Edinburgh are still beautiful, the weather remains the same, having practically all the seasons in one day.


Like many Cities it progresses, many new buildings have been erected in the time I was away, many new supermarkets now grace the areas were I played and grew up as a child.
I met my big sister for the first time in seven years, she had hardly changed, still the same person I knew before I left.

She had an agenda for us for the four days, it was well planned, I didn’t have any time to be bored, not for one moment.
I saw the new tram system which was underway before I left, this took a long time to construct but at the end of the day, it was worth it, as I had the pleasure to have a ride on them.
One day was very sunny, the heat was in the sun, however at night-time, it was freezing LOL, the Edinburgh I knew.

As we travelled around Edinburgh on buses mainly, I started to remember most things, Edinburgh Castle was still as beautiful as I remember, Princess street full of beautiful flowers in the garden, and the famous shops attracting millions of visitors per year.

The City was as beautiful as I had remembered.
I visited a few members of my family, and we even went to a club in Edinburgh to enjoy a wee drink, it was a very nice evening.

I was able to sample foods I once knew, as here in England we do not have some Scottish traditional menu.
The trip was a success, I loved meeting up with the people I care about.

We must never ever forget where we came from, and I am proud to call myself Scottish, and cannot wait to go back again.

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