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Worldwide Murder Mysteries.

The Wonderland murders had sex, drugs, and lots of violence—the perfect recipe for one of the darkest moments in Hollywood. During the 1970s and early ’80s, one of several groups getting rich from Los Angeles’ thriving cocaine trade was the Wonderland Gang.

However, the pack met a sudden and brutal end on July 1, 1981, when three of its members and an associate were gruesomely killed in their drug den in the Hollywood Hills.

1a Wonderland Murder Suspect

Allegedly, the killings were retaliation from nightclub owner and drug trafficker Eddie Nash. Prior to this, the Wonderland Gang had robbed his home, making Nash beg for his life and wounding his henchman, Gregory Diles, with a grazing shot. Also possibly involved was notorious porn star John Holmes.

According to the story, Holmes helped the Wonderland Gang rob Eddie Nash by going to his house earlier in the day and leaving the sliding door open. Afterward, the mobster realized Holmes’s involvement and made him give up the location of the robbers. The porn star was charged with the murders in 1982. Nash and Diles were charged in 1990, but all three were acquitted.

In 1988, after Holmes died, his ex-wife came forward, saying that John had confessed his involvement to her. He had taken three thugs to the drug den on Wonderland Avenue and watched them bludgeon the robbers to death. Holmes didn’t name any of the assailants.

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