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William Sinclair Manson · 30 March 2024

Worldwide Murder Mysteries.

The Death Of Sharron Prior

On March 29, 1975, 16-year-old Sharron Prior left her home in Montreal to meet friends at a diner. It was a short walk, but that was the last time her family saw her alive.

Sharron’s body was found days later in a beekeeper’s field. She had been raped and severely beaten. There were some branches clumped in her hand, suggesting that she was still alive when she was dumped in the field.

2 Sharron Prior

Right before Sharron’s disappearance, another woman was assaulted by a man with a knife in the same area. However, she screamed for help and several people rushed to her rescue, scaring her assailant away. Some have speculated that it was the same man and that he ran into Sharron while making his getaway. She then became a target of opportunity.

Another hypothesis stated that there were two perpetrators. This was due to evidence left at the scene—a footprint and a man’s shirt, probably used to bind Sharron.

Although the footprint was size 8-1/2, the shirt belonged to a bigger man, somewhere around 183 centimeters (6’0″) and 90 kilograms (200 lb). The measurements matched the description of the other woman’s attacker. So it could be that the larger culprit was the abductor and the smaller accomplice dumped the body.

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