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My-Poetry / Writings · 31 May 2024

My Poetry. Happiness.

In the garden where the sunlight spills,
Where flowers dance upon the hills,
There lies a secret, soft and sweet,
Where happiness and hearts can meet.

It whispers in the morning breeze,
And rustles through the emerald trees,
It sparkles on the dewdrop's face,
And finds its home in every place.

It's in the laughter of a child,
In moments pure and undefiled,
It's in the warmth of close embrace,
In love's own tender, gentle grace.

It sings with birds in skies so blue,
In every dawn, in every hue,
It rides the waves of ocean's crest,
And settles in a soul at rest.

Happiness, a fleeting guest,
That finds its way to every chest,
It's not in riches, gold, or fame,
But in the heart, a gentle flame.

It’s in the kindness that we share,
In knowing that someone is there,
It’s in the dreams that we pursue,
And finding joy in all we do.

So cherish every simple sight,
Each morning's glow, each starry night,
For happiness is always near,
A melody for all to hear.
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