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My-Poetry / Writings · 1 May 2017

My Poetry. God bless single Mums.

A mum to three young kids 
no support, working alone 
there isn't enough days and hours 
no time for a good old moan. 
A young girl herself 
when she had her first child 
a shy quiet girl 
not known for being wild. 
Innocence lost at thirteen
not contented with just a kiss
passion overtook her
responsibility a miss.
She was lucky having her mum
either in person or on the phone
inexperienced she would call her
but the seeds were already sown.
Deserted by the Father
as soon as he found out
he disappeared out of sight
she had to go "without"
Jessica loved her kids
and tried her level best
a single mum on benefits
every turn a means test.
No partner in her life
she struggled every day
but that was her life from now on
and it was here to stay.
She reflected on her life
dreaming of what could have been
but she wouldn't change her lifestyle
or the fathers the kids never seen.
She looked at her kids in pride
as they grew up happy and content
It was hard hard work at the beginning
but for her they were all heaven sent.

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