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My-Poetry / Writings · 1 May 2017

My Poetry. Growing old Gracefully.

You remember when you were a lad 
things you did were brave 
swinging from the highest tree 
Six inches from your grave. 
Back then you could run, fast 
play ball forever and a day 
sleep would come when it had to 
Your hair was natural,  not Gray. 
They say the new fifty is forty
in this new millennium
but sometimes it doesn't work that way
You're not at your premium.
Your bones creak, your neck gets sore
bending down is sometimes a task
you try your best to live younger
While reaching for the oxygen mask!
To be healthy you need to be careful
you may deal yourself a blow
like cutting the old nails
On your unreachable big toe.
When you shower and glance at your figure
it's not as it used to be
the muscles are getting flimsy
And you struggle to properly see.
Some people grow old gracefully
just accept it as it comes
growing old isn't necessarily a draw back
Or receding mouth gums.
But when it comes to memory
things you can recall are quite clear
the good things that happened in your life
You will always hold so dear..

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