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My-Poetry / Writings · 2 May 2017

My Poetry. The Day you changed.

 I look at your face 
 pale and Grey 
 you were alright before 
 But not today? 
 The sun didn't shine 
 as it did before 
 you were cold and dark 
 Walking out the door! 
 We did not fight
 as I recall
 you slept in my arms
 And looked so small.
 You were quietly resigned
 walking hand in hand
 till we got to the house
 Help me understand!
 What goes through your mind?
 When you stare into space
 at least let me in
 if this is the case
 Your eyes tell a story
 lost in your head
 fear is behind them
 When you come to bed!
 Whatever troubles you
 I need to know
 there's no time for guesswork
 Or perhaps I will go.
 Is it because of the baby?
 Don't you love our child?
 You used to be spontaneous
 Romantically wild.
 But now you cry for ages
 and cannot cope by day
 I listen to the Mothers
 And all they have to say.
 It is normal to feel low
 after the trauma you have had
 giving birth to our son wasn't easy
 In fact, it was sad.
 But that was seven months ago
 and still you freak out at him
 your patience at an all-time low
 Life is looking grim.
 We need to see a Doctor
 you cannot go on like this
 I cannot even come near you
 To give you a loving kiss.
 Darling you know I love you
 this is a partnership after all
 but to see you in this state of mind
 You're heading for a fall.
 With patience and consideration
 we will get through this quick
 councillors helping as well as the doc
 Will hopefully do the trick.
 Here we are five months passed
 you are bouncing and full of health
 our son is thriving and so are we
 Worth more to me than wealth.

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