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My-Short-Stories / Writings · 3 May 2017

My Short Stories. Living in the Dark.

Living with depression alienates you from people and things, you do not want to speak to people let alone socialize with them, you are in your own dark World all you want to do is wallow in your own dreary life.


Waking up at your usual time of 1pm- 2pm or sometimes later is a way of life, your DNA makeup, living with depression of any form puts your life on hold, you think only of negative things, you stay up most nights and want to sleep all day, you either eat or you don’t, and for some people eating to excess.
Millions of people suffering from depression take some form of medication, many try to get through the depression without the aid of meds, but for some it is imperative it either helps or makes the situation ten times worse, mood swings, sweats, weight gain and so on.

Trying to get a balance is really difficult, even when attending sessions to combat depression at your local Mental Health team can have its good and bad points. Lots of people find talking helpful, it gives them a boost to try to change their lifestyle without the use of medication it gives some people motivation to move on, however it sometimes goes beyond that and medication is needed. A doctor told me that depression is a severed nerve in your brain, the medication ties up the nerve in your brain and makes it complete, I believe this to be correct, that’s why when your prescribed medication it takes a few months for it to work, just as explained earlier.
I am sure many people can relate to this, but just remember, you are not ALONE. I have suffered chronic depression for many years and still battle with it today.
I invite you to comment with your experiences and share with many sufferers who would value your opinion.

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