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Infamous Scots. / Writings · 16 April 2022

Infamous Scots. Owen Bonner.

Warning some of this material may upset or may be unsuitable for young children.

Bonner gained notoriety after holding two female co-workers hostage at knifepoint at the Marshall’s Chunky Chicken processing plant in Coatbridge in 1994.

He forced his hostages to pray during the five-hour siege as he declared himself “worse than the devil”.

Bonner slashed both women as he waited for his £10,000 ransom demand to be met and made a series of bizarre demands, saying he wanted TV cameras, a Michael Jackson album and outfit.

He had been released from Carstairs a year earlier and was returned to the State Hospital without limit of time after a jury at the High Court in Glasgow were ordered to find him insane.

In 1999, he gave his Carstairs nurses the slip on an escorted trip and briefly went on the run in Glasgow city centre.

And in 2015 he sparked a major alert after going on the run during a shopping trip to Glasgow while he was a patient at secure unit Rowanbank Clinic.

He is still in Carstairs..

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