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My-Poetry / Writings · 29 May 2022

My Poetry. Unsinkable. or so they thought!

In 1912 disaster struck
to a vessel they said was unsinkable
a ship designed to stand up to disasters
to go down would seem unthinkable. 
The ship was grand, people were excited
to sail in her majestic beauty
tickets flew hot from the port 
all staff were called to duty. 
The designer made a few drastic changes
he insisted elegance came before life
giant staircases with chandeliers
adored by every man and his wife.
Steel plates were attached by hand
as machines couldn’t fit some parts
making spots of the ship vulnerable
not recorded on any official charts. 
The ship was grand, the clientele were rich
the poor squashed and crowded below
 class was important at the start of the century
for a wonder the poor could go! 
The lifeboats were cut just sixteen were aboard
for over two thousand customers and crew
women and children were priority then
but some of the men got through! 
Some crew from the another ship
were laid off their service not required
one of them went off with a vital key
to a cabinet holding all they desired. 
The Captain had no drills it seems
so the crew were unable to cope
judging by the historic events
they did not have any hope. 
 The Iceberg responsible for the disaster
was floating closer to the ship
many warnings were shouted that night
but the ship had to fulfill its trip. 
The Captain wanted to go faster
even though the warnings were clear
his attitude positive "everything is fine"
no one has anything to fear. 
It seemed for a while the coast was clear
the iceberg was changing direction
the captain thought he was navigating away
beyond the icebergs inception. 
Because of the lack of experience
the crew did not know what to do
once the Iceberg struck for real
all their nightmares came true. 
one thousand five hundred people lost their lives
on that fateful freezing night
the water was 50 degrees minus below
hitting the water died with fright.
A mighty ship called unsinkable
lost its will to live
and just because they never bothered
or any thought did give. 
Mother Nature knows no bounds
She wins most of the time
For the people who designed this ship
I believe you committed a crime. 
To the few who managed to live
the horror remains in their mind
the Unsinkable vessel of modern age
was simply one of a kind.

 This poem is to commemorate the 1500 lives lost in this disaster
 which could have easily been avoided...  
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