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Scottish foods-Drinks / Writings · 14 September 2022

Scottish Foods-Drinks.(scones)


Drop Scones, Scottish pancakes, Scotch Pancakes, or even Pikelets; whatever you call them, these little fluffy circles of deliciousness are easy to make and so tasty to eat!

Whether you eat them for breakfast or as a snack, drop scones are so flexible. My grandma used to serve hers with jam and a dollop of cream on each one, or sometimes just a slathering of butter. In our house, we’re partial to a bit of honey or golden syrup too.

Why are they called Drop Scones?

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Drop Scones get their name from the action of dropping the mixture onto the hot griddle or into a pan.

They’re also called Scotch Pancakes or Scottish Pancakes, and although they are similar in ingredients and rise to American-style pancakes they’re usually smaller in size.

To confuse things even more, we have even seen these called crumpets, as another regional variation.

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