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Scottish Bands-Music. · 18 February 2023

Scottish Bands-Music.(amorettes)

A SCOTTISH all-girl rock band have been plucked from obscurity to back big-haired 80s icons Europe.

The Amorettes will join the Final Countdown rockers for their UK tour after impressing band members during a music festival.

The trio – Hannah McKay, her sister Heather on bass and lead guitarist and vocalist Gill Montgomery – formed five years ago and will play to thousands.

Drummer Hannah said: “It’s a dream tour. It’s our first proper tour. Every gig we have played has been a weekend away. This is the first proper run of shows and it’s good to be with bigger names.

“It’s surreal because we never expected any of this to happen. Last summer we played with Black Star Riders in Holmfirth and a couple of them watched our set and really liked us. We played with Europe the next day at a festival in Wales and came away in talks about joining their tour.”

Hannah said: “It’s not as bad as you think [being an all girl band]. People think you must get loads of abuse. But the majority of feedback has been positive and every time we play a show we have folk waiting to speak to us at the merch stand.”

She admits it won’t be all work and no play for the girls on tour.

She said: “It’s Heather and Gill’s birthdays while we’re out so we might have a couple of mad nights for that and a few drinks.”

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