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My-Poetry / Writings · 8 July 2023

My Poetry. Beyond imagination.

In the depths where shadows dwell,
A haunting presence casts its spell.
A weight upon the weary soul,
A tempest’s grip, beyond control.

Depression, thy relentless foe,
Cloaks the spirit in shades of woe.
A silent storm that rages deep,
Engulfing joy, where shadows creep.

Oh, how it dims the vibrant light,
Dulling colours, blinding sight.
A heavy fog, a numbing haze,
That clouds the mind, its vibrant maze.

It whispers lies within the mind,
Convincing hearts they’re left behind.
Like a thief, it steals the laughter,
Leaving echoes of pain thereafter.

But know, dear soul, you’re not alone,
In this battle, hearts have grown.
Reach out, embrace a helping hand,
For solace lies within a friend.

Though darkness casts its somber pall,
The sun still shines, beyond the wall.
Through shattered dreams, a glimmer gleams,
A beacon of hope, in gentle beams.

For within the depths, strength resides,
A flame within that never hides.
With courage, faith, and love as guides,
The spirit heals, and pain subsides.

So let us kindle fires of grace,
Embrace the light in every space.
For though depression may hold sway,
Together, we’ll find a brighter day.

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