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My-Poetry / Writings · 25 September 2023

My Poetry. Autumn is near.

Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com
In autumn's gentle, golden haze we find,
A season painted with a thoughtful mind,
Where nature's brush with colours rich and warm,
Creates a masterpiece in every form.

The leaves, like whispered secrets,
gently fall, In crimson, amber, rust,
and shades of all,
They dance upon the breeze in graceful flight,
A ballet of the earth, a pure delight.

The air is crisp, with hints of fireside's kiss,
As cosy sweaters bring us warmth and bliss,
The scent of harvest fills the earthy air,
As orchards bear their fruits with love and care.

The days grow shorter, nights embrace the cold,
Yet hearths and homes exude a love untold,
For in this season of reflection deep,
We gather close, our cherished bonds to keep.

The harvest moon casts shadows, soft and wide,
A gentle lullaby for dreams to ride,
And as we sip hot cider by the flame,
We treasure autumn's gift, a cherished name.

In autumn's splendour, time begins to wane,
Yet in its beauty, we find no disdain,
For as the world dons its coat of gold and red,
We're reminded of the life that lies ahead.

So let us revel in this splendid sight,
Embrace the changing days,
both day and night,
For in the heart of autumn's sweet refrain,
We find a timeless beauty that remains.
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