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My-Short-Stories / Writings · 26 September 2023

My Short Stories. Liam.

Nestled among rolling hills, there lived a woman named Eliza. She was known far and wide for her incredible skill as a healer. Eliza possessed a deep understanding of the human body and a gentle touch that could mend even the most stubborn of wounds.

One crisp autumn morning, a young boy named Liam arrived at her door, clutching his arm in agony. Tears streamed down his face, and he winced with every step. Eliza ushered him inside her quaint cottage, her eyes filled with empathy.

“What happened, dear boy?” she asked, her voice soothing as a mountain stream.

Liam recounted the story of how he had been playing near a thicket of thorns, and while attempting to retrieve a wayward ball, a thorn had pierced his arm deeply. The pain was now unbearable, and the wound had festered.

Eliza examined the injury carefully, her brow furrowed in concentration. She could see the infection had spread, and the boy’s pain was not just physical but etched across his young face.

“I won’t lie to you, Liam,” she said gently. “The treatment to heal this wound will be painful, but it’s necessary to save your arm.”

Liam nodded, his trust in Eliza unwavering. She prepared a poultice and herbs to cleanse the wound, but the process was excruciating for the boy. He clenched his teeth, tears streaming anew, as Eliza worked diligently to remove the infection. Her fingers were deft, but the pain persisted.

As days turned into weeks, Eliza cared for Liam tirelessly. She changed bandages, administered herbal remedies, and spoke words of comfort to ease his suffering. Liam, despite the pain, never once complained. He saw Eliza’s determination and knew she was doing everything in her power to heal him.

One chilly morning, Eliza carefully unwrapped the bandages, revealing a clean and healing wound where once infection had thrived. Liam’s eyes sparkled with relief, and he whispered a heartfelt thank you.

As time passed, Liam’s arm healed completely, leaving only a faint scar as a reminder of the pain he had endured. But more importantly, the experience had taught him a valuable lesson about pain. He understood that sometimes, pain was necessary for healing and growth, just as Eliza had healed his physical wound.

Liam grew into a young man and, inspired by Eliza’s compassion and wisdom, chose to become a healer himself. He dedicated his life to helping others, soothing their pain and teaching them the valuable lessons he had learned from his own experience.

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