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Worldwide Murder Mysteries. / Writings · 23 December 2023

Worldwide Murder Mysteries- The Family Murders.

In the late 1970s and early ’80s, five young men were murdered in Adelaide. They had all been tortured, sexually assaulted, and mutilated before having their remains dumped in remote parts of the city.

The gruesome similarities between the crimes convinced authorities that they had been committed by the same person or persons. It soon became the working theory that a group of people was responsible for the murders. After a police interview, the group became known as “The Family.”

With little progress made in the way of arrests, rumors soon sprang up that “The Family” was a powerful pedophile ring which contained high-profile members from Adelaide’s elite.

10 Von Einem

Only one killer was identified. An accountant named Bevan Spencer von Einem was convicted in 1984 of the murder of 15-year-old Richard Kelvin, the last of the slayings attributed to “The Family.” Von Einem was suspected of involvement in the rest of the killings as well as other infamous Australian crimes like the disappearance of the Beaumont children.

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