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My-Poetry / Writings · 23 July 2022

My Poetry. Zero Tolerance.

She sits at night 
In a darkly lit room 
Staring at the clock Face 
eyes full of gloom. 
Shaking in her shoes
Twitching her right leg
Rubbing on her head
hands clasped to beg.
Afraid for her life
Past so horribly torn
Memories of madness
Wishing she wasn’t born.
Happy until she married
Life filled with glee
Partied with her friends
being who she could be.
It started in a day
Tears flowing fast
Never gave a thought
That love wouldn’t last.
Shouted at and frightened
Made to look a fool
Confidence gone now
laden like a Mule
Battered and bruised
Bleeding and hurt
Scared to look at men
Let alone flirt.
Time has come again now
Terror in her eyes
This man she once had loved
She now bitterly despised.
Spare a thought for women
Living in their fears
The wife, the person, the mother
Should not be full of tears.

Violence is a no no
there is no need for that
go get help to curb your temper
and do not be a twat.
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