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My-Poetry / Writings · 30 April 2024

My Poetry. Have you ever.

 Have you ever wondered how 
 You could survive without your friends? 
 Let them know almost every day 
 That to you, they may depend. 
 Have you ever sent them flowers 
 with a message "you are adored" 
 Or even told your closest friends 
 Without them, you'd be bored? 
 Have you ever saw a rainbow
 And imagined a pot of gold?
 Made a wish with a shiny coin
 Make money tenfold?.
 Have you ever had a feeling
 That something could always go wrong?
 or wondered why Samson
 Could ever be that strong?
 Have you ever loved a person
 or argued with whom you choose
 or wanted something badly
 Like a fortnight relaxing cruise?
 Have you ever noticed the poor old man
 With his shabby dirty clothes?
 Or ever wondered why Rudolph
 Has a bright red nose?
 Have you ever chose a meal for the night
 Or decided to take away?
 Have you ever got the kids to bed
 To enjoy the rest of your day?
 Have you ever decided on the menu
 For the TV late at night?
 Maybe watch your favourite soap
 Or settle for the fight.
 Have you ever wondered how
 We can fill in our quiet day?
 Listened to all objectives
 Of what people have to say?
 Have you ever wondered when
 This poem will ever end?
 Maybe now or maybe never
 You will read it coz you're my friend.

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